29 June 2014 @ 02:41 pm
You know what I really hate today?

This stupid trend going towards making animated GIFS, slideshows and news articles that are all in video format.

Dude, this is like hell on earth for me. I'm a fast reader. I can read a several page news article and absorb the information faster than a goddamn video. If I want to find information, I can just read it!

Why the hell do I need to wait through a slow ass video to find information that I can read?!

Same with all these stupid snazzy GIF/animated slide shows. I really hate them. There was this link someone posted about wealth disparity and the raising of minimum wage. I clicked on it hoping to read it, and it turns out to be this stupid ass slideshow where you have to keep clicking the next arrow button and watching these stupid animated shows.

And at the end of it, I should've saved so much time if they had just presented it as a damn article with WORDS!

What is wrong with people?! Why are they not reading?

I hate how all these websites now are filled with giant tumbnails of pictures, and this new movement towards making everything a giant picture book. No wonder teens today are reading less and less than before!

Buzzfeed contains interesting stories, but they're so filled with stupid animated crap it slows my computer down to a snail paced!

Yeah that's the second thing I hate. All these pictures and videos and stuff slow down my internet/computer! Wasting MORE of my time.This is why I can't get into tumblr, because my god everything is a picture or gif. Or so many other websites!

Text is good. Text is great! Words are good! Pictures are NOT.

What the heck is wrong with people? Are their attention spans so bad they can't pay attention unless it's blasted in picture or video format for them to see?! RAGE!!!

Yeah, it just this stupid trend is getting worse and worse, and every day a website that I used to like ends up converting to these mobile friendly versions that are all about pictures. I just want an old fashioned website full of WORDS.

So far, the New Yorker is still ok...but even NPR and some other public funded sites are going the picture animation rout...
03 June 2014 @ 11:26 pm
Oh jesus fuck. I got too excited when sending an application to a company that I really wanted to work at and made a huge fucking error in the first line. Left out part of the company name! Now it just reads like To the NAME OF CO-,

God. Effing. Dammit. I was proofing the rest of my e-mail like crazy and didn't even GLANCE at the introduction. Fucccck.

ommmg it was a non-profit that I really agreed with and would have loved to work at. Now it's probably tossed in the trash pile. Dammit.

Dammit dammit dammit.

What's ironic was I was talking about my high detail oriented skills and all that jazz...and english writing abilities and stuff. Jeeeeezeeee. Way to make me look like an unprofessional ass.
14 February 2014 @ 01:20 am

Busy staking my claim over the Yuzuru-splosion going on on Tumblr.

Awww hell no! No way a bunch of these bandwagon hoppers are gonna get more reblogs than me! Now I just have to dig out that fanart collection of Yuzuru that I've been working on for 3 years, then my hold will be complete! MWAHAHAH.
09 February 2014 @ 06:06 pm
I just gotta put this out here.


I saw him in 2011 and had crushed on him so bad in his Rome Juliet FS program!

*puts on hipster shades*
04 January 2014 @ 09:40 pm

Went ice skating for the first time in my life today. My poor knee is so bruised T_T

Haha, tbh I didn't do that bad. Apparently I did well enough that everyone else I went with thought I'd skated before a long time ago or something. It wasn't until like halfway I was like, "errr how do I do anything" that they realized it was my first time on ice ever.

Haha, I just remember falling in the beginning and this tiny adorable little girl came up to me and was like "Do you want to know an easier way to get up?" And she showed me how.

DAAAAAWWW she was sooooo cute! And she so totally wanted to hang out with all the big kids because she kept skating up next to us and like trying to hang out with us.

But yeah, by the end of the 2 hours or something, I could make it slowly around the rink without falling. Still felt super wobbly though. My legs were hecka sore. Apparently all the rental skates sucked ass and tilted to one side so it was a serious effort trying to make it glide straight. And I could speed up, but then I'd be more likely to fall.

Definately something I'd like to do again. I just want to get good enough so I don't fall so much an have some semblance of controlling my direction.

I do just wish there were less people. That place was so crowded with kids I felt scared I was going to kill someone or be killed be accident -_- wish there was a time with less people so I could have the wall all to myself to wobble against.

I'm actually surprised how many people have ice skated before. I don't know why, I just always had an impression it was a rare sort of thing that not many people did. So when we suggested going ice skating, I thought we'd all be wobbling around together. Apparently I was the ONLY one to never ice skate I just feel kind of bad because I sucked so much and didn't get to have as much fun hanging out and learning tricks. I was kinda just wobbling around the ring learning to stand while everyone else was learning to spin/skate backwards/cool stuff.
02 October 2010 @ 03:05 pm
...yeah the lates dgm like a big giant wtf right now.

...yeeeah. What the heck just happened?!?!?!?!?!

...the hell?!
03 September 2010 @ 12:30 am
KISHIMOTO! If you kill off Konan like you did every else of my favorite characters, I'M GOING TO HATE YOU MORE THAN I ALREADY DO!!!




The only reason I started reading again after Itachi was because of Nagato and Konan and all that! But then you killed off Nagato! And well, I was tempted to bin in because of Kakashi, but you brought him back to life...but then you killed off Nagato, and NOW if Konan dies, I'm going to be sooooo PISSED OFF!!


=_= obligatory fangirl rant of the month, completed =D
14 July 2010 @ 01:04 am
I just realized, Final Fantasy Distant planet concert on Thursday =D

So excited!

I haven't had such a geektastic moment in forever, being videogame deprived at college made me lose my tiny little spark of obsession!

But that all changes now! I guess I'm gonna be dragging out the sewing machine and trying to finish off the cosplay I have going. It's so hard to get motivated but...FF I <3 you!
05 June 2010 @ 12:51 am
Dooone with that stupidly horrible Religious studies essay T_T

oh god that was bad.

Ok, final in...11 hours. Wait no 10.

Sleepie time soon

Argg, I think I'm getting more sick >_> now I have a nonstop runny nose instead of just sore throat. I hope I don't get worse, too much to do! Finals week is starting!
09 May 2010 @ 11:27 pm
I HATE polisci.

I don't know WHY I signed up for honer's class. We have to do freaking 6 essays instead of the standard 4. The professor grade twice as hard on us and doesn't really explain things in discussion section.

I don't know what to effing write for my paper T_T

I've been like scraping by with just barely B's on all my stupid papers and I still don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Or rather, I know what I'm doing wrong, but I don't know what to write about! He says, find an article from the Economist and write an analysis about it.

That's pretty much ALL he told us to do.

I...don't know what to WRITE!!! I've done 2, and like I said I scarped by. He says we have to have an argument in my paper!

I don't know what to ARGUE ABOUT! It's a freaking article! It's politics! I don't know ANYTHING about arguing politics!

This is like...the first time I've ever felt totally helpless in a class and completely lost. Like, for once I don't know I go to lecture and undesstand! I ace his midterms! I get the stuff we read, I just don't know what to freaking write!

And that's WRONG because I'm a GOOD writer. Or at least I usually get great grades on written works! This time...I don't know what to write...

I've been starting at a blank page for two days and I don't know what to write...I need to finish it by tonight too...

I HATE political science.

On another random why is no one intersted in bringing wushu team back? It kinda died out last quarter and this quarter and we're trying to brin git back.

But we need a minimum of 2 people for far it's just me...and Justin. Except no one can make the one this weekend?

...I need more wushu to keep me happy D: I only wushu'd once this week since I missed out on Monday. And the UCI one, Brian couldn't take me since he was staying over at his bro's place. Hence I apparently missed out on kbbq and usc/ucla peeps who I haven't seen since CMAT =( Andy and Eileen were there too.

On the bright side, Tom says he might have gymnastique this week =)

...yah...the amount of wushu I have directly correlates with my happiness.

The amount of political science papers also directly correlates with my unhappiness. I never wanna take an honer's class with Professor Barndt again. HE SUCKS!

EDIT// decided to write about how Nicaragua is transitioning towards a party authortarian regime...I hope that's a valid argument T_T since I have no other ideas...

I mean I could argue about the polls in Britain but that would require way too much research...-=sigh=- I hate this class...